Handmove Portable Sprinkler Systems

3" Hand Move Portable or Solid Set Sprinkler Systems


Handmove Portable Irrigation System

Hastings Sprinkler System

Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company has what you need in a sprinkler system...dependable...long life...top quality. Let Hastings design a system to your specifications using expertise developed during 50 years in the irrigation business.


  • A cast aluminum bolt-on band with a galvanized spring loaded hook. 
  • A heavy-duty, 7" wide stabilizer pan is standard on all Hastings couplers. 
  • The Coupler is available with either a 3/4" or 1" steel inserted riser outlet. 
  • Coupler contains a square back Chevron-type gasket. The molded rubber gasket provides self-sealing, non-drain service year after year.

Design your hand move system choosing from these Hastings features:

  • permanent and portable systems
  • main line and lateral pipe
  • circle lock, twist lock or band and latch couplers on main line
  • adaptations for irregular shaped fields
  • complete line of fittings
  • products can be powder coated with epoxy for corrosion protection

Let the Hastings staff of proven engineers work with you for a better solution to your wastewater needs.